Wildlands Registration - 2018  /  Summer Camp: Pool Wildlife Sanctuary  /  Camp - Where's Wildlife; Preschool; 6/25-29/17, 9:00am-noon, PWS

Camp - Where's Wildlife; Preschool; 6/25-29/17, 9:00am-noon, PWS

06/25/18 - 06/29/18



Common animals native to PA are easily identifiable on sight by the average resident. What makes someone a naturalist is the knowledge to interpret signs those animals leave behind.  That kind of eye is gained through years of training and observation. This week, budding naturalists will learn how to determine what creature has been or is around them.  We will observe bugs, the feathered, furred, slippery and scaled. Live animals, hikes and games are part of the fun. Each camper goes home with a Wildlands Conservancy Junior Naturalist Patch. Register only one partner of your adult/ child team.  All activities are age level appropriate.  Location: Air Products Environmental Education Center, 3701 Orchid Place, Emmaus, PA 18049



Eligibility Requirements

  • Age:
  • 4 ‐ 5
  • Grade:
  • Pre-K thru K
  • Residency:
  • All